What is the National Professional Qualification for SENCOs (NPQSEND)?

A leadership level qualification, primarily for SENCOs, school leaders or aspiring SENCOs.

This NPQ will be the mandatory qualification for SENCOs from September 2024. 

Our NPQSEND programme will:

Recognise the statutory requirements of the SENCO role and reflect the diversity of settings in which SENCOs work.

Collate essential knowledge, skills and concepts that underpin successful SEND leadership within a school.

Set out what those leading SEND provision or in another senior leadership role with responsibility for SEND should know and be able to do to enable their school to keep improving.

Develop expertise that can be applied to both identifying and addressing persistent and common challenges in leadership as a SENCO. This should be flexible and allow participants to respond to the challenges they will encounter in a range of contexts.

Provide fellow professionals with a network, common language and access to a continuous debate through which the collective expertise of our education system can grow and develop in the best interests of all pupils.

Programme delivery is based on a 4-stage learning cycle which offers a rich blend of online, asynchronous and face-to-face learning experiences.

Cycle One

School Culture

Statutory Framework

Cycle Two

Identification of need


Cycle Three


Leading and managing provision

Cycle Four

Professional development